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Welcome to Travis Landing!

Travis Landing is a small neighborhood located along the southern shores of Lake Travis. Through many years this land on the winding Colorado River was the home of the *Comanche and other early native Americans. Completion of the Mansfield Dam in the 1940's created Lake Travis and Hudson Bend, named after Wiley Hudson, who built a ranch home in the area in the 1800's. Picture of entrance to Travis Landing

In 1943, Joe and Margaret Cocke purchased 56 acres which, in 1960, was subdivided as "Travis Landing." The Cocke Family established a lake residence in 1947. The Cocke Horse Farms held annual Hunter and Jumper shows from 1949 to 1951. Participants came from near and far to enjoy the shows as well as the beauty of Lake Travis.

* More information about Comanche Indians:

About the Entrance to Travis Landing

In 1951, Lake Travis reached the historical low of 614.19 feet. A huge tree floated ashore and was placed at the entrance to Travis Landing, where it rested until 2003. Due to decay, the entrance was redesigned in 2003. The new design was created by Ralph White, who was designated by the 78th Texas Legislature as the Texas State Artist of 2003. A new log, donated from the Travis Landing property of Robert and Aleen Woodard, was placed atop the new entrance.

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Travis County Water Control & Improvement (WCID) - District 17

Important Links:

Mandatory Watering Schedule

Messages from the Board

A Word from the President

Please visit the President's page for a special message from our new chief officer.

Burn Ban Information

Current Travis County burn ban status can be obtained from the Travis County Fire Marshal.

TLPOA Dues 2017 - 2018

The 2017 - 2018 maintenance fees are remaining the same at $125 per lot. Please try to pay your dues on time. You will pay a 100% late penalty if you pay your dues after August 12, 2017. Please go to the Payments page for options in making payments. You may also pay your dues by mailing a check to:

Travis Landing Property Owners Association
P. O. Box 340457
Austin, Texas 78734

The following is a breakdown of dues per lot with payment by check or the PayPal amount with surcharge:

TLPOA 2017 Dues

Park Gate Keys Distribution

Please contact the to make arrangements to pick up key(s). The cost per key is $20 with a 2 key limit per owner(s). If you are a renter, you will have to obtain a new key from the property owner.


If you spot a coyote in the neighborhood or parks, send an email to the neighbors distribution list so that the neighborhood can be informed and can take extra caution to protect their animals.

Click on the following links for more information about coyotes:

Coyote (Canis latrans) From Texas Parks & Wildlife
2nd Quarter 2011 Coyote Management Report 
WS FORM 12A (NOV 99)

Dead Animal Removal

Travis County Transportation & Natural Resources handles the removal of dead wildlife from public rights of way in our area. Call 854-9433 to report the street address and to request removal.

Join the Community Mailing Lists at Google Groups

This email distribution list is exclusive to Travis Landing property owners and/or their renters. notices@tlpoa.org list makes it easy to disseminate general information to the neighborhood, such as important neighborhood news or publications normally mailed, such as the newsletter. It is used to quickly send out important messages to TLPOA list members, and also to provide a vehicle for exchange of information, such as publishing a notice of an upcoming garage sale, special news alerts or lost or found items. Address an email to notices@tlpoa.org.

This email distribution list is exclusive to Travis Landing property owners and/or their renters. discussions@tlpoa.org list may be used for extended 2-way discussions between members of the TLPOA Community. Address an email to discussions@tlpoa.org.

You may use the Email Sign Up Form or send an email to web@tlpoa.org to subscribe or unsubscribe to notices@tlpoa.org or discussions@tlpoa.org email lists. Please read the Official TLPOA Email Acceptable Use Policy before subscribing to any list.

Join the Community Forums

If you have not registered to the forums, you may do so by clicking on the Register link at the top of the forums web page. Please be sure to read the guidelines for choosing a user name at the top of the Registration page.

If you forgot your password, you may click on the I forgot my password link under the login box at the bottom of the page. If you do not see the link, click on the Login button and you will be able to get to the link. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted for a username and an email address. After you submit this information you will be sent a temporary password to login. After Profile link at the top of the page.

Topics of Interest

Keep Your Dog On A Leash!

Travis County Leash Law

Please be aware that there is a Leash Law in Travis County. Many dogs have been running loose in the neighborhood and some have caused unpleasant encounters to other pet owners. Nobody wants to have to call Animal Control over unruly pets so please be respectful of your neighbors and abide by the rules for keeping your dogs on a leash.

... check out the smile on Linda Talbot's cute dog!

Talbot Dog


Park Reservations

Go to Park Reservations for information about how to reserve a park location for your event. You will need to contact the TLPOA Vice President by phone or to reserve your spot.  You may also fill out the Park Reservation Form.

Park Keys

Go to the Park Information page for information about park keys.

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