There have been several reports of dogs getting sick from swimming or drinking water in Lake Travis. One dog has died. The LCRA Water Quality department took samples for lab testing and discovered that the solid material consisting of algae and decaying algae contained cyanotoxin. "Cyanotoxin is found in blue-green algae when it is producing toxins and can be fatal to dogs and other animals." Please refer to a new topic in the Message Board for more updated information.
As we deal with environmental effects of the COVID-19 virus in our community, it is important that our neighbors keep informed and bond together to help each other out wherever needed. A dedicated Category called Coronavirus (COVID-19) Info and Assistance has been started on the Message Board for those needing assistance, want more information or can offer help of their own. Click on the Subscribe link at the top of a topic to receive notifications of future posts. You must be registered to the website to have access to the Message Board. If you have not done so, please do as soon as possible. If you need assistance, please read the Website Registration Guide for help.
Travis Landing is a small neighborhood located on the southern shores of Lake Travis. Through many years this land on the winding Colorado River was the home of the *Comanche and other early native Americans. Completion of the Mansfield Dam in the 1940's created Lake Travis and Hudson Bend, named after Wiley Hudson, who built a ranch home in the area in the 1800's.
In 1943, Joe and Margaret Cocke purchased 56 acres which, in 1960, was subdivided as "Travis Landing." The Cocke Family established a lake residence in 1947. The Cocke Horse Farms held annual Hunter and Jumper shows from 1949 to 1951. Participants came from near and far to enjoy the shows as well as the beauty of Lake Travis. 
* More information about Comanche Indians:                              
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Park gate locks were changed on Monday, December 30th, 2019!
You may obtain a new key(s) by paying $20 per key, with a maximum of two (2) keys per property owner, regardless of number of lots owned by contacting the Treasurer using the Contact Us link above. Property owners who are renting their properties may authorize their renters to complete the New Key Agreement on their behalf by contacting the Treasurer using the Contact Us link above. Renters must provide some form of identification when obtaining the key(s).
Important Information for Real Estate or Title Companies
Please note that short term property rentals are not allowed due to the recent Deed Restrictions Amendment Filed January 20, 2021.
PROPERTY TRANSFER FEE. A one-hundred dollar ($100) Property Transfer Fee is assessed by the Travis Landing Property Owners Association. This fee is assessed for any Lot sale or deed transfer and paid at the time of closing or deed transfer.  To request a Resale Certificate, please complete the Real Estate Property Transfer Form.
Dog on a LeashPlease be aware there is a Leash Law in Travis County. Dogs running loose in the neighborhood can cause unpleasant encounters with your neighbors. No one wants to call Animal Control over unruly pets so please be respectful and keep your pets on a leash.
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LCRA Press Release 2/26/2021
Posted on Feb 27th, 2021
"Late Friday, LCRA received test results on the solid organic material taken from the edge of Lake Travis near Travis Landing on the east side of Hudson Bend.  The results showed the sample of solid material, which included algae and decaying algae, contained cyanotoxin.
"Cyanotoxin is found in blue-green algae when it is producing toxins and can be fatal to dogs and other animals
"We strongly encourage dog owners not to let their pets play in the lake or near shorelines where algae has accumulated near Hudson Bend. We have had reports of one dog dying and five dogs getting sick after playing in that area of the lake. In addition, we have had a report from pet owners in the Comanche Point area, directly across the lake from Hudson Bend, who said their dog died after playing in the lake in late January.
"We have not had reports from other areas of Lake Travis, however, algae may be present and we encourage pet owners to use their own best judgment in deciding whether to let their dogs play in other parts of the lake. Do not let dogs play in or eat algae, and stay away from stagnant water or water that has decaying matter on it.
"LCRA expects to have additional test results back next week and will share those results as soon as we can."
TLPOA and Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2020
To comply with government restrictions, all TLPOA meetings, events and associated activities are postponed until further notice due to the Coronavirus health crises in the world. Please visit the Governor's Office on Coronavirus for the latest information and rulings for the State of Texas.
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All Park Reservations must be placed with at least a 24-hour notice prior to the event.
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